Equity Everyday

You can promote equity by doing little things every day. Having things on hand that can help our friends in need is one way to help. The items below are always useful. Build kits and keep them in your car, so when you see a homeless neighbor, you'll be ready to make a difference. 

Homeless kits

Toiletry kits

Small, portable items that can help our friends feel human make a big difference. Here are some suggestions.


travel sized shampoo, soap, deodorant

comb / brush

hair ties

nail clippers

first aid kits

laundry gift cards or quarters

laundry pods

gift cards for restaurants and grocery stores (Suggested minimum of $10)

waterproof document bags

Snack kits

Soft items that don't require refrigeration are best. Here are some suggestions to get you started. 

beef jerky/beef sticks

fruit leather

chewy granola bars

peanut butter crackers


water mix-ins

chicken salad kits


fruit cups

pudding cups

condiment packs

vienna sausages

plastic silverware