Equity Group Activities

Equity Group Activities

Join us for events that help to raise awareness of inequitable treatment or the experiences of marginalized communities. These are great ways to participate in making change in a tangible way, and to build community with those who face inequity every day.

Take the SNAP Challenge November 8th - 14th. The SNAP Challenge gives participants a glimpse into some of the struggles faced by millions of low-income Americans who are trying to put food on their tables. Participants use the average SNAP benefit as their budget for food for one week. The Challenge provides an opportunity for participants to experience how difficult it is for families living on SNAP to simultaneously avoid hunger, afford nutritious foods, and stay healthy with limited resources.

Tour Promise Pointe with us on November 13th at 10am. Promise Pointe is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to provide permanent affordable housing and a supportive community for the chronically homeless in Victoria, Texas and the Crossroads region. Click here to find out more about Promise Pointe and their mission.  

Join the Sleep Out Fundraiser on November 19th benefitting Promise Pointe. Ask your friends and neighbors to sponsor you as you spend a night outside. Participants will sleep unsheltered in DeLeon Plaza from 9pm to 8am. No tents, coolers, or snacks are allowed. Those interested can walk over to VCAM to begin the Walk with the Homeless the next morning. 

Walk with the Homeless on November 20th. Spend an hour or two literally walking a mile in the steps of the Homeless.