Equity Work

The United Way of the Crossroads fights for the education, health, and financial stability of every person in our area.  Violence, fear, and racism are in direct conflict with that purpose. If we are to truly LIVE UNITED, we must align our energies as a Crossroads community to break the cycles of hate, racism, inequality, and injustice.  We must use our voices, platforms, relationships, and passion to advocate for the reforms and community support necessary to bring justice and equity to our society. To that end, the United Way of the Crossroads has partnered with Be Well Victoria and others to create ongoing opportunities that foster learning, discussion, and action to foster equality in the Crossroads. These activities are free and open to all community members. It takes us all to LIVE UNITED.

Creating an equitable Crossroads takes work, just like building muscle. We have to stretch ourselves and do hard things. By learning the experiences of others, we can grow ourselves and become stronger as individuals and as a community. Click below to see some of the ways we can learn together. 



Strengthen Your Equity Muscle

Equity Challenges - We make learning easy with a series of 7 emails over 7 days. Each installment will provide information in a variety of ways, perfect for however you learn best. Click here to engage on your own or to find the schedule for upcoming Challenges.

Suggested reading, viewing, and listening - Sometimes the best way to really understand others is to immerse yourself in their stories through books and other forms of media. Here are some recommended resources to strengthen your equity muscle. 


Get Involved

Anytime Equity

Build kits at home - We know you want to help the next time you see someone on the streets. Keeping kits in your car is a great option!

Take the SNAP Challenge - did you know SNAP (food stamp) benefits are only $7 per day?

Read about our Promise Pointe tour

Support Our Work

Community Navigators

The Community Navigator Program partners with community health workers to reach community members where they are. By going to food distributions and other places people get services, Navigators are able to link people with all the resources and support they need in one stop.

With your support, we can expand our reach to more sites in each county by hiring more navigators, providing resources, and purchasing systems to support their work. Donate here.