How We Do It



We improve our community by:

  • Providing leadership
  • Convening partnerships
  • Developing resources and solutions


If we are to build a strong community (where our kids thrive, our families are self-reliant, and everyone has access to nutritious food) we have to understand the issues our region faces. Only then can we address those challenges, turning them into opportunities for everyone living, working, and learning here.


We fund programs, but more importantly, we make sure those programs are being successful.  

We are committed to accountability and validation of our partner agencies through a rigorous vetting process. Instead of simply funding non-profits that do great work, we go further by evaluating the results of their programs and services. 



We connect human service agencies, governments, education partners, and dedicated volunteers around a common vision to solve the greatest needs of our community.

Those coalitions and collaborative groups then implement community-level strategies with a wide range of people taking on the issue.



We are committed to maximizing the impact of the dollars that come from our donors throughout the community. We do this by investing in partner agencies and community initiatives and by encouraging collaboration with a focus on common agendas which are dedicated to dealing with specific challenges within our area.

Local programs provide after school education programs to children, nutritious meals to seniors, and transitional living for the homeless and victims of abuse, to name only a few. Multiple thousands of people receive much-needed services and support.