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We are a local charitable organization with a broad focus on improving life in the Crossroads region of rural Texas. Everything we do is in service to our area residents in Victoria, Goliad, DeWitt, and Lavaca Counties and the City of Gonzales.

We partner with a wide range of organizations and individuals to help our community, together. We see people from all walks of life who want to help as volunteers or donors, and many businesses also donate their time and money. That allows us to work with the most successful local organizations to make lasting, effective, positive changes right here where we live.

Unlike other nonprofits who often have a very defined focus, we take a multifaceted approach to some of the biggest problems facing our society - problems like poverty, children's literacy, and lack of access to healthcare. We have the ability and expertise to pool resources and conduct research to determine where our efforts can make the biggest impact. That means when you give to United Way, you're not just helping one person...you're investing in our entire community, in the most effective and efficient way.

United Way benefits all of us by creating opportunities for everyone. Our focus is on childhood success, financial stability and health—the building blocks for a good quality of life and a strong community.


Bethany Castro, Executive Director


Kim Pickens, Lead Community Navigator


Gracie Salazar, Community Navigator